Gisella ieriGisella Chiesa, Atelier via Valpetrosa Milan, 1985

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Gisella Chiesa is a global designer, a 360 degrees designer.
She approaches very different genres of projects with the same professionalism, creativity and originality: from designing a table to the interiors of a historic house; from fashion accessories (bags,ties, belts) to elegant bathrooms and cupboards, till impactful spectacular events.
She decorates a floor with the same energy she puts into a dress creation.
“Timeless clothes, seasons-less clothes, a mix of fantastic and functional, playful and charming” (Il Giorno, Italian newspaper) “Clothes for women who are simply women” (Corriere della Sera)
Such a peculiar approach to work, initially began with fashion design, has been made possible and sustained by Gisella’s multitude of interests and endless curiosity. She’s been always attracted and pushed to experience different cultures, heterogeneous environments, people of all ages, professions, social whereabouts, to explore the ‘unknown’ in search for new elements to integrate into her aesthetic project.
Research is the act that most characterizes Gisella Chiesa’s work: research of materials, colours, unique combinations that lead to intelligent and surprising results.
The breaks’ wire of a bicycle becomes the handle of a refined silk bag; plain transparent Plexiglas becomes both the sitting place of a chair as well as a tie; polished river stones in different colours become the flooring of a bathroom- with therapeutic properties too.
Functional objects, unique and original, of high communication impact: almost statements.
Full of ideas and ready to measure herself with challenging projects, Gisella Chiesa is today an accomplished professional, active in most areas of design and creation, capable of interacting with different techniques, styles and aesthetics, in tune with contemporary markets’ needs.

Marisa Galbiati

(Direttore del laboratorio Nuovi Linguaggi della Facoltà del Design – Politecnico di Milano) Milano 4 Ottobre 2001.

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